Boost Your Mood!

Often when feeling a bit flat the first thing that goes out the window is healthy eating and exercise. Unfortunately these are the very things that can help you to feel better!

The short Term Effects of Bad Eating Habits can cause:

· Poor brain function

· Poor exercise capabilities

· Insulin resistance & weight gain

· Indigestion & heartburn

· Poor sleep

· Mood problems

There are certain foods that can help you to feel better. Some are high in essential fatty acids that can help your brain function, some high in antioxidants and others are high in substances that boost your happy neurotransmitters!

Mood foods:

· Chicken & turkey

· Eggs

· Pumpkin

· Fatty fish like salmon and sardines

· Dark chocolate

· Whole grains like oats

· Bananas

· Berries

· Nuts and seeds

· Beans and lentils

There are certain activities that are also known to help with mood. These are:

· Yoga

· Meditation

· Exercise

· Journaling

· Affirmations

· Vision board

· Mindfulness

· Practicing gratitude

Incorporating healthy food and some of these practices into your daily routine is the key to feeling good!

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