Naturopathic Testing

Testing can be utilised to screen for any underlying pathologies or health conditions. These screening tools are an essential method for putting the pieces of your health picture together.

Integrative and pathology testing is available for all Telehealth appointments and some basic Naturopathic screening is also available.

In-house Naturopathic testing and Integrative pathology is available for in-person consultations.

External Testing

Basic Pathology Testing

• Minerals – iron, magnesium, zinc, calcium

• Vitamins – D, folate, B12 & B6

• Thyroid – TSH, T3, T4, reverse T3, anti-thyroid antibodies

• Autoimmune - anti-thyroid antibodies, anti-nuclear antibodies, rheumatoid arthritis

• Coeliac’s gene testing or Coeliac’s antibody reaction testing

• Inflammation markers – CRP, ESR

• Liver function testing

• Kidney function

• Immune testing – WCC and immune cells, IgE and RAST testing

• Viral testing – glandular fever and other viruses (RRV, CMV)

• Cholesterol and blood lipids

•Urinary iodine

• Stool analysis for parasites

Intergrative Testing

Endocrine analyses

• Salivary hormone analysis

• Salivary cortisol

• Oestrogen metabolism

• Thyroid urine panel

• Dutch test

Gastrointestinal analyses

• IgG and IgA food intolerance testing

• ALCAT food reaction testing

• Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) breath testing

• Fructose malabsorption breath testing

• Functional gut testing – Complete Digestive Stool Analysis

• Microbiome mapping

• PCR detection for parasites

• Candida

Metabolic analyses

• Kryptopyrroles

• Porphyrins

• HbA1c & glucose

• Dutch test

• OAT – organic acids

• Amino acids

• Neurotransmitters

• MTHFR Methylation profile

• Visual sensitivity testing

• Dutch test

Immune analyses

• Coeliac’s antibodies and gene testing

• Mould detection & Mycons

• Candida

• Viruses like Epstein Barr (glandular fever) & Cytomegalovirus

• Autoimmune - anti-thyroid antibodies, anti-nuclear antibodies, rheumatoid arthritis

Gene testing

• Mould susceptibility testing

• MTHFR gene testing

• Haemochromatosis gene testing

• DNA profile

Parasites/Mould and Bacteria

• Blastocystis

• Dientomoeba

• Candida

• Mycotoxins

• Nasal mycons

• Worms

Environmental exposure

• Hair mineral testing for heavy metals and minerals

• Organophosphates

• Pesticides

• OAT – organic acids

In-House Testing

Basic Naturopathic Testing

• Blood Pressure

• Weight

• Waist

• Tongue & nail analysis

• pH

• Zinc testing

• Vitamin & mineral deficiency signs

• Iridology

Bioimpedance Analysis (VLA)

What is your ideal body composition? This machine gives an insight into the body’s fat, muscle mass, muscle quality, cellular fluid, body water and biological age. 


It may help with: 

  • managing weight effectively

  • increasing muscle tone and fitness

  • supporting energy levels

  • assessing inflammation

  • healthy aging

  • supporting nutrition and general health 

All testing requires first an Initial Naturopathic Appointment