Naturopathy is a treatment which looks at all aspects of health to create a holistic view of your current health picture. This includes the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of health.


Naturopathy can:

  • Unlock the missing piece to the puzzle as to why you may not be feeling right

  • Increase your energy and vitality now and into the future

  • Set you up with good health habits to take forward into your life

  • Educate and empower you

  • Stimulate your body’s natural ability to heal

  • Prevent chronic disease and disability


As a naturopath and clinical nutritionist, Deborah will take a detailed look at your health. This means gathering information from you and looking at any pathology results you may have like blood tests for example. With that information plus your consultation she will make a holistic analysis and assessment to then deliver a treatment plan to you. Treatment options include herbal medicine, vitamins and mineral supplements, dietary and lifestyle advice. This in-depth analysis and generally has 3 parts to it.

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Deborah's Naturopathic Process

3 Parts to it:

  1. Collect information – initial appointment (can include going through previous testing)

  2. Testing – further testing if required (may include blood tests, diet diary, questionnaires or integrative testing)

  3. Reporting and treatment plan.


1. Collect information In an initial appointment:

• Full case history which includes going through your main presenting complaint, your diet, past health history, and your health goals

• At the end of this initial appointment Deborah will talk to you about any further testing that may be relevant to your health. Testing can include blood tests, filling out a diet diary, or any other Integrative testing that may be relevant.

• A standard initial appointment is one hour. An appointment that includes some testing may be 75 minutes or chronic complex cases will be 1.5 hours.

2. Testing

• Can include a diet diary or questionnaire to complete

• More complex testing can include blood tests or other Integrative pathology (see Naturopathic testing - link)

• Other in-house testing includes basic naturopathic testing to look at mineral deficiencies or bioimpedance analysis (VLA) which looks at body composition, muscle, fat and fluid analysis.


3. Reporting and treatment plan

• In your second consultation you will receive a Report of Findings

• The report will highlight areas of your health that may need to be addressed and a treatment strategy that is individualised to you

• This appointment is typically 45 minutes  

• A usual plan includes dietary suggestions and supplements to take

• Treatment can range from 2 weeks to 2 years depending on the severity of the complaint.

All treatment plans are aimed at giving you small achievable steps to do to reach your final health goal!


Consultations are available  via Telehealth (Skype, phone or Zoom). Telehealth is available to all Queensland, interstate or overseas clients.

Health Fund Claiming Info

Health fund claiming may be available depending on your level of your cover, under “nutrition”, “weight loss” or “health improvements” for Medibank Private, AHM, Australian Unity, NIB, AAMI health insurance, APIA Health Insurance, Grand United, Qantas Assure and Suncorp Health Insurance. This may differ for telehealth appointments (please check with your fund).

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