Winter Immune Tips

The importance of healthy immune function can never be underestimated; it is our body's primary defence against potentially harmful substances in our environment.

Boosting immunity and addressing nutritional deficiencies can reduce the risk of recurring infections and keep you healthy in the long-term. Deficiencies of key nutrients such as zinc and vitamin C can predispose us to infections. Zinc is the most important mineral of the immune system and a deficiency may cause may impair the body's ability to respond to infection. Herbs such as Andrographis and Elderberry are good for treatment of both acute and chronic infections, influenza, general debility and lowered immune function.

To prepare for Winter it is important to address:

  • Diet: A bad diet is the biggest contributor to weakened immunity. Poor dietary choices can disrupt healthy gut bacteria, affecting absorption of nutrients as well as contribute to inflammation, all of which will ultimately impair immune function. Having a healthy diet is very important in preparation for and over the winter season.

  • Gut: The gastrointestinal tract represents the largest immune organ of our body; it acts as a defence barrier, helping to decrease numbers of bad bugs ingested, as well as digesting foods and absorbing nutrients required for optimal immune function.

  • Stress: Changes in stress hormone levels, as seen in cases of prolonged elevated stress, affect the body’s susceptibility to infections and increase the risk of developing autoimmune and allergic conditions.

  • Sleep: Lack of and poor sleep quality increases inflammation in the body which is directly linked to decreased immune function.

Don’t feel miserable and lose valuable time being sick with infections this Winter. Be proactive against colds and viruses with a Naturopathic consultation to get your immune system in check.

If you do get sick this Winter, quick 15 minute acute consultations are available online to help you feel better quicker!

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