Winter immune-boosting tips for viral infections

The likelihood coming into contact with viral infections this Winter through your families and friends is high. Of course, it is best to be as fit and healthy as possible for prevention of any illness which includes having a healthy diet and assessing, addressing, and treating any mineral deficiencies you may have.

The best medicine for viral infections is rest, lots of water and eating healthy food. Convalescence and letting yourself rest is essential. Eating slow-cooked or stewed foods can be really good because the nutrients are more readily available and take the stress off your digestive system.

Sometimes viruses like COVID-19 have prolonged symptoms that may go on for weeks or months.

These symptoms include:

· Headaches

· Breathlessness

· Fatigue

· Muscle weakness

· Brain fog

· Reduced exercise capacity

· Chronic-fatigue-like symptoms

Unfortunately, some of these symptoms will just take time to dissipate. Treatment of viral infections and post-viral symptoms may be aided with herbs, nutrients and vitamins.

Herbs and nutrients that may aid in treatment for viral infections and post-viral syndromes:

· Turmeric or curcumin

· Quercetin

· N-acetyl-cysteine

· Medicinal mushrooms

· Green tea & licorice tea

· Resveratrol

· Vitamins like vitamin D, C, and A

· Zinc

· Herbs like Elderberry, Licorice and Rehmannia

Naturopathic and nutritional treatment can help to boost your immune system by assessing any vitamin and mineral deficiencies you may have. Also, herbs, nutrients and vitamins may aid in helping your body to fight any infection and recover faster.

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