Deborah's Tips For Health

1. Make sure that you eat at least 3 meals daily 2 snacks daily

Eat breakfast! Our brains need fuel to get us through the day.

Take a lunch break! Some people that I see do not have a lunch break. When you don’t eat regularly during the day, you tend to gorge at night and on non-nutritious foods.

If you don’t eat breakfast or lunch you are slowing down your metabolism and are more likely to put on weight/fat. It also limits the amount of nutrients you can get in during the day.

2. Plan you meals

Doesn’t everything work better if there is a plan? Stick your meal planner on the fridge at the start of the week and get your groceries on the weekend – then you have everything that you need. Know which nights you will be home to cook and others that you will be home late.

Plan lunch for the next day – you can either take leftovers or put something else together.

3. Make extra

Make extra portions so that you can take lunch for the next day. If you are working late the next night you have dinner ready for you when you get home.

4. The freezer is your friend

Make batches of meals so you can freeze small portions. Things that are good are soups and stews – these are emergency meals so that when you are home late and exhausted you don’t have to cook and don’t have the temptation to get take away.

5. Get some exercise

Exercise helps to decrease stress, anxiety and depression levels, balances blood sugars, reduces weight and balances you out so that you feel better.

Before, during or after work – wherever you can squeeze it in.

6. Take some time out

People’s lives are hectic these days. Make sure that you take some time on most days to reconnect with yourself – go for a walk, read a book, stare at the ocean, paint a picture, do some meditation or deep breathing. Whatever works for you!

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