Iron Deficiency Anaemia – get your breath back!

Iron deficiency anaemia is very prevalent in the community. I see so many women and children who have low or suboptimal levels. Low iron leads to lack of oxygenation to organs and tissues. This can have a large run on effect to someone’s overall sense of wellbeing.

Signs that your iron may be low are:

· Shortness of breath on exertion

· Fatigue on waking

· Mental confusion

· Hair loss and breakage

· Loss of coordination

· Inability to follow through on tasks

· Dizziness and fainting

· Poor circulation and tingling or coldness in extremities

· Frequent infections

The groups most at risk of low iron and anaemia are infants weaning, children, especially fussy eaters, women in general, and also through pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Increase iron sources of foods with:

· Eating lean red meat at least 3 times per week

· Increasing green leafy veggies

· Cooked lentils & chickpeas

· Soy beans or tofu

· Oysters

· Fortified cereals

· Dark chocolate

· Liver or pâté

· Sesame seeds or tahini

· Duck

· Dried apricots

· Cashews or almonds (or almond meal)

Make sure you combine vitamin C rich foods with plant sources of iron to aid absorption and separate foods that may inhibit iron absorption like coffee, tea, red wine and grains.

Iron deficiency should always be monitored with blood testing to check absorption or loss.

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