Eating mindfully can aid with weight loss

You can lose weight from just being mindful of what you eat! The tip to success is to put your knife & fork down between bites & chew your food before having another mouthful. This sounds ridiculously simple yet it’s effective. People often shove food into their mouths without thinking, while watching the TV. When you eat mindfully you eat less, digest more effectively and your body absorbs the nutrients.

Tips on mindfulness while eating:

· Sit down & relax to eat

· Avoid eating when stressed

· Just eat! Avoid watching TV, reading & working

· Eat with family & friends

· Chew your food thoroughly

· Avoid excess liquid consumption with meals

· Get involved with food preparation

· Eat until you are no longer hungry, not until totally full - Japanese call this “hara hachi bu”. This is roughly 80% full.

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