Boost Your Fat Burning

Weight loss is 80% diet and small changes in the short term can mean big outcomes in the long run. There are quite a few simple small changes that you can make to optimise your health and fat loss.

Ways to naturally boost your fat burning are:

· Exercise first thing in the morning before you eat breakfast, this helps your body switch into fat burning mode.

· When you think you are hungry first have a glass of water. The body can easily confuse the thirst and hunger signal, most people don’t drink enough water, so you may just be dehydrated when you think you are hungry.

· Cut out complex carbohydrates for dinner, these will make you put on fat as most people will not be going out for a jog after dinner. Foods to cut out at dinner time are rice, pasta, bread, noodles, and potatoes.

· Eat 2 high protein snacks daily. This helps to maintain your metabolic rate and ensures you don’t reach out for any of those sugary snacks. Examples are a boiled egg, 2 corn thins with hommus, small tin of tuna, 3 fingers of nuts and seeds.

· Cut artificial sugar out of your diet and natural sugars down. There is lots of hidden sugar in pre-packaged foods such as fruit juice, muesli bars, cereals, and things that say “fat free”. Aim to have 2 pieces of fruit daily.

· Keep alcohol to a minimum and swap to a lower carb alternative. There are high amounts of sugar in wine, beer, champagne, most pre-mixed drinks and spirits that are topped up with soft drink. Lower carb alternatives are clear spirits like vodka or rum, or low carb beers.

The latest research says that our body has a set point. When aiming to lose weight we need to overcome that set point. One of the systems I use is the Shake IT weight loss system. It’s based on a low carbohydrate, high protein ketogenic diet. It creates a natural biochemical state called ketosis. What this does is use your body’s natural metabolism to switch your body into fat loss. I usually see 1-2kg of fat loss in the first week and 0.5-1kg of fat loss per week after that.

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