Nutritional Deficiencies in Children

I see an increasing number of children these days with nutritional deficiencies. This can be for a number of reasons:

· 4-8% of children are on restrictive diets because of food allergies/intolerances

· Fussy eating habits

· Poor nutrition – children are not eating the right foods

· The use of antacids and Nexium for children will block absorption of minerals.

Signs your child may have nutritional deficiencies:

· Poor concentration

· Tantrums

· Poor sleep

· Poor growth

· Being underweight , overweight or Obese

· Being pale

· Low energy

· Tooth decay

The major deficiencies seen in children are:

· Vitamin D

· Zinc

· Iodine

· Iron

· Calcium

· Omega 3 fatty acids

Why are these nutrients important to your children?

· Vitamin D – for a healthy immune system and required for calcium uptake into the bones and growing

· Zinc – is important for the immune system, energy, skin and brain function.

· Iodine – deficiencies can cause thyroid issues and slow metabolism and weight gain.

· Iron – low iron can cause low energy, growth restriction and poor neurological development.

· Calcium – important for healthy growth and bones. Can be low in those who don’t eat dairy and have a poor diet.

· Omega 3 fatty acids – important for brain functioning including thinking and cognition. They are also needed for healthy skin and nervous system.

What to do if you suspect any of these in your children?

· See a Naturopath or Nutritionist – we can see these deficiencies in children without doing any invasive blood testing. I see many deficiencies in children with simple observation of nails, tongue health, skin and in some case Iridology.

· Increase good food sources that are rich in vitamins and minerals. You can hide veggies and other foods in pasta sauces, juices and smoothies for children.

· Consider a supplement. There are a lot of supplements out there for children. Some common shelf brands are such low dose they aren’t worth it. Practitioner only children’s supplements are higher dose and should bring up those deficiencies quickly.

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