Do You Feel Sluggish? You may have hidden thyroid issues?!

Underactive thyroid is a common condition in women. Many women are not aware that they have it! So often I will test thyroid hormones and discover that thyroid levels are out of whack.

This has several symptoms including:

· Poor memory and concentration

· Fatigue

· Feeling cold

· Weight gain

· Hair loss

· Constipation

This fatigue can lead to women feeling exhausted both physically and mentally and sometimes be debilitating. I often see this presenting after a prolonged period of stress. It is also common for thyroid conditions to run in the family.

This can be from a poor conversion of active thyroid hormones or due to an autoimmune condition called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Often women can have Hashimoto’s without even realising it.

Luckily Naturopathy can do a lot for thyroid issues. Nutritional medicine can aid the conversion of these thyroid hormones and dietary changes can make massive difference in treating Hashimoto’s.

These changes help to:

· Increase energy

· Aid concentration and memory

· Stop hair loss

· Increase metabolism and aid weight loss

· Decrease or diminish other symptoms associated with poor thyroid function

If you feel you may have thyroid issues, getting assessed by a Naturopath can really help!

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