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Deborah is an experienced Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist who specialises in weight management. She has over 13 years of experience and knowledge treating clients with naturopathy, clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, biochemistry and energy medicine.

"Weight loss is 80% dietary changes

and 20% exercise"

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Weight Loss Testimonials

"I would recommend the weight loss program because you learn how to change the way that you eat. The biggest changes to my health were losing weight, having more energy and feeling fitter. One of the benefits of the program was realising when I eat junk, how it makes me feel, learning how important protein is in your diet, and that you have to be organised to eat well."

Katrina from Carrum

“The best part of the weight loss program is the motivation and learning something new each week. I thought it would be similar to Weight Watchers but it was catered to my personal needs and interactive. I feel fit, energetic and less tired at the end of this program”

Veronica from Edithvale

‘Being a participant in the weight loss program has enabled me to fit into clothes that I have not been able to wear for 2 years. As the weight has decreased, my confidence and will-power have increased and I am enjoying the benefits of feeling good about myself. My body feels more comfortable, I have more energy and less bloating’.

Mary-Lou from Patterson Lakes

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